Production Plants

We have begun with realization of the plans for the future business development in 2013 year, during which we have invested in building our own production unit for manufacturing wool felt hat bodies. Taking over manufacturing and human resources of once European and world -renowned sleeves and a hat factory Begej, we took over the responsibility to continue the tradition and maintain the highest quality standards. We have also modernized our production and moved it to the new factory at the Ruma intersection, which is one of the most promising industrial sites in the vicinity of Belgrade.

Begej wool felt hat body has got, besides the tradition of production, almost a century-old tradition of export and is respected throughout Europe and the world. We cooperate with designers, small manufactures and large European manufacturers of hats. Our hat body is also distributed through European specialized wholesale markets specialized for distribution of primary materials for hat production.

We distribute hat bodies all over the region, the countries of the former Yugoslavia, to buyers in Italy, France, Austria and Germany. In a very short time the producers on the markets of Great Britain, Belgium and Russia will be able to produce the finest wool hats from Begej hat body. With the development plan for the next few years, we will expand our offer to other continents, too.